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Launching Our New Mystery Shopping Service

Hire us as independent mystery shoppers and we shall provide you a highly professional feedback regarding the assessment of your business operations.

What We Do?

Specifically to measure customer experience that would assist your organisation/company to improve its customer service operations, profit and reputation.

Why we do it?

  • The purpose is to check if your organisation/business is doing things right specifically in accordance to the company/organisational standards, procedures and compliance practice.
  • Establish if you are doing things according to customer expectations.
  • Provide objective qualitative and quantitative feedback about your customer’s experience and conditions
  • To establish how appealing are your products and services
  • Measure training and performance of your organisational front line employees

Public Relation Executive Secretaries

Optional Education al Excursion Packages include: Boat Cruise, Game Drive and a trip to Victoria Falls

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